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ASN Morning Read: The Winter of Jermaine Jones

The German-American continues to ease into his role as a leader on the United States men's national team; what we talk about when we talk about racism; Terrence Boyd wins all the prizes.
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 06, 2013
8:25 AM
  • Jeff Carlisle takes a look at the evolution of Jermaine Jones on the United States national team. The key quote, from one Mr. Jurgen Klinsmann: "It's a constant battle of who is intimidating who, who controls who, on these fields. Especially in central midfield, that's the heart of every team. When you play against a guy like Jermaine -- and also Michael growing into this role -- you want this to happen. You want the other side to understand, 'Shoot, with these two guys, or a guy like Jermaine, I can't fool around. I go into the grind.' [Jones] is good at grinding people."

  • Wright Thompson drops a massive story on racism in soccer in Italy. Stop and go read it now.

  • Elsewhere on the racism beat, Jozy Altidore, Cory Gibbs, Tony Sanneh, and a few others roundtable it up. A bit from Sanneh: "In Germany the laws are different. You can pull people over for any reason. I'd see police following me in my Mercedes, and I'd pull into a grocery store just to joke around with them and do laps in parking lots and watch the cops follow us around. Finally I'd get upset, pull over and get out of my car and ask, 'What's going on?' Their excuse would be, 'You guys look kind of young driving such a nice car.' I'd be like, 'Do you mean young and black or just young?'

  • Jamaica, now with more Germans.

  • The United States women's national team, now with more Hope Solo.

  • Clint Dempsey, the face of American soccer?

  • The Washington Post offers up a list of upcoming World Cup qualifiers. If you need us, we'll be glued to Lichtenstein vs. Slovakia.

  • Two words: T. Boyd. (Also, it appears to be Jeff Carlisle day here on ASN.):
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