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ASN Morning Read: The United States All Falls Down

The Americans lose in Honduras and pressure mounts on Jurgen Klinsmann; Mexico can't get by Jamaica in Azteca; FIFA is a corrupt disaster; a Stuart Holden sighting, not a moment too soon.
BY Noah Davis Posted
February 07, 2013
8:00 AM
  • The United States lost 2-1 to Honduras in the opening match of the Hexagonal. While the defeat isn't a killer, it is concerning because of how the Americans played. Is this Jurgen Klinsmann's fault? There's a growing contingent that wonders if the German has what it takes. Don't run him out of town yet, but maybe take a quick gander through the garage and find your pitchfork just in case.

  • Weekly debate co-star Ryan O'Hanlon checks in from San Pedro Sula in the last of his dispatches for Outside. Definitely worth a read to get a feel for SPS.

  • Elsewhere in CONCACAF, Jamaica managed a 0-0 draw against Mexico in Azteca, while Costa Rica and Panama also tied. That first result, I think, is actually bad for the United States, since Mexico is going to qualify anyway and it would be good if they got maximum points. The second scoreline, however, is excellent and takes just a little bit of sting off the loss in Honduras.

  • Would you like to know why FIFA will never get cleaned up? Okay: "The mandate for change ultimately lies with the FIFA Exco, but it’s the FIFA Exco that are the cause of many of FIFA’s problems. It was always obvious that the Grondonas, Leozs, Hayatous and Teixieras of the Exco were never going to have much interest in ending the gravy train through their own volition. What is more disappointing–indeed shameful–is that some European members have not backed up their own rhetoric to support change."

  • OH HEY: Stuart Holden played 90 minutes in an exhibition match. Get him a USMNT jersey. (Just kidding. Don't do that. But his creativity and flair might eventually be exactly what Jurgen Klinsmann needs, right?)

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