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ASN Morning Read: The Return of Run DMB

Like LeBron James, DaMarcus Beasley is returning to somewhere familiar. Where, exactly, remains to be seen. Meanwhile, another U.S. star could be coming back from abroad and a surgery is a success.
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 23, 2014
9:11 AM
  • DaMarcus Beasley is coming back to Major League Soccer. Where he lands, however, is up in the air. The key passage from Steve Goff's report: "It is unclear what mechanism the Dynamo would use to acquire him. Returning U.S. national team players are typically subjected to MLS’s allocation order but the league does make exceptions for high-profile, high-salary players (Clint Dempsey to Seattle last year and Michael Bradley to Toronto this season). Toronto is atop the allocation order, followed by the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas; Houston is 14th." The Dynamo seem to have the inside track. Or do they?
  • Could Juan Agudelo be heading back Stateside as well? Perhaps. He's been training with Orlando City, although he won't sign with the expansion club. "It won't be here," Lions general manager Paul McDonough said.. "We're helping him out, like we did with Brek [Shea]. He is training and he will make a move at some point, but with MLS rules it won't be here." MLS rules are like the Easter Bunny.

  • Jon Arnold with a smart piece on the difficulties MLS and Liga MX face: "Besler staying shows MLS has caught up with Liga MX as a league that has the resources to entice players to put beeswax in their ears to avoid the siren song of Europe's top leagues. That might be frustrating for Klinsmann and Herrera, but for now it's a challenge with which they can cope."

  • Go read a bit about Fernando Arce Jr.

  • We're sort of over the post-surgery Instagram:
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