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ASN Morning Read: The Own Goal Edition

The United States national team roster is late and so is today's ASN Morning Read. It's still morning somewhere. Probably. We hope. Can we blame the government shutdown for this?
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 03, 2013
11:34 AM
  • Oh hey:

  • Would you like to know how Opta works? Why not check out this feature from ProSoccerTalk: It’s fitting that the company working to transform England’s national sport is overlooking the sprawling heart of the UK around the clock, above the bustling chaos below to crunch the numbers that are making people view the world’s game in a completely different manner.
  • Hahahahhaha Fifa: “They didn’t take up the challenge; these guys are too stuck in their traditional ways,” he said, adding: “We underestimated that this is a purely self-regulated body. They are a bit like the Vatican. No one can force them to change.”

  • That's one hurt ankle:

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