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ASN Morning Read: The Hex Gets a Bit Easier

A pair of good results from Costa Rica and Honduras set the United States men's national team up nicely to reach the World Cup in Russia; Omar Gonzalez has some thoughts. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 14, 2017
4:05 AM
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  • Smart commentary!: "Arena's impact on the state of the U.S. program was immediate -- he improved morale off the field and performance on it. Increasingly, it looks to be long-lasting, too. While he was always the right man for the job, he has been better than advertised and deserves credit. (And credit to U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati for giving Arena so much latitude. It took too long to get rid of Klinsmann, but when the split came, it was clean and thorough.)"

  • Roster Prediction: Dwyer, Saief, Lichaj for Gold Cup

  • Good on Omar:

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