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ASN Morning Read: The Dawn of DeAndre Yedlin

The Seattle Sounders right back is drawing interest from clubs across the globe and newspaper editors around the country; Freddy Adu gets closer to finding a new home; growing MLS.
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 07, 2014
7:27 AM
  • United States World Cup breakout star DeAndre Yedlin is getting a lot of love. Apparently, he's on his way to Roma although Seattle Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer says "for now, DeAndre is in Seattle." For now...

  • Meanwhile, The New York Times writes a glowing piece about the youngster that's headlined: "Looking for Breakout Star, M.L.S. Pins Hopes on a World Cup Standout." Could be tough if he moves to Europe.

  • Let's get up close and personal with him, shall we?
  • Freddy Adu alert: He's heading to AZ Alkmaar for a trial.

  • This is the best thing you'll read about the state of MLS, courtesy of Matthew Doyle. Come for the thoughts, stay for the great analysis of what makes Michael Bradley so good.

    Did the United States make any progress between 2010 and 2014? Well... sort of, maybe?

  • Aaron Gordon spent more than three weeks bouncing around the world, watching soccer in its native environments. His conclusion: "FIFA wants us to believe the World Cup provides some inherent humanitarian good, uniting the entire world. There's little debate that this World Cup final will be the most-watched event in human history, due to the unceasing growth of the world's game and unprecedented viewing access to it. (This is even more astounding considering that the world's two most populous countries, representing roughly one-third of the world's people, aren't even involved.) But just because so many people watch the same thing at the same time doesn't mean they're united."

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