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ASN Morning Read: That Is a Very, Very Nice Hotel

Trust us, it's really nice. Or, better yet, trust the Daily Mail, which gushes over the venue where the U.S. men's national team will spend the duration of the World Cup in Brazil. Also, Ronaldo's got hops.
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 11, 2014
7:54 AM
  • The United States does have a really nice homebase in Sao Paolo: "Who cares if they can't win: US soccer team arrives at luxury base ready to enjoy Michelin starred chef's food, calming Thai massages and a pool that appears to be filled with orange Fanta." Uh, thanks Daily Mail?

  • ASN friend Aaron Gordon put together a piece looking at the relative value of each World Cup squad. What stood out of for me is just how much the Americans are worth. Using figures from Transfermarkt, he found that "the median player value on Germany's roster: £22.88 million, or just shy of half of the entire US roster combined." And then, "For America, the thing that's lost in those discussions is that we are pretty clearly the worst team in the group, which this measure only serves to highlight. Ghana shares similar strengths and weaknesses—some ability in the midfield, solid attack, suspect back line—but their wingers are far superior." 'Merica.

  • Today in "You Just Gotta Want It" cliches, Matt Besler: "I think for me, it's just been about the attitude during the whole process of always wanting more," he said. "Having that desire to always want to achieve the next thing. When you get your first cap, it's great, and it's a big moment, but after the game, it's 'What's next?' You make the World Cup team, it's a great moment in your career, but then it's 'What's next?' It's the Ghana match. It's just having that attitude of having the next thing that you want to achieve in your career."

  • Um, holy $U*)#:
  • You know what the U.S. would win? A World Cup measured by Body Mass Index.

  • Do not eff with Clint Dempsey:
  • And finally, would you like an infographic detailing the evolution of World Cup jerseys?

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