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ASN Morning Read: Stu! Stu! Stu! Holden Returns

The oft-injured midfielder will train with (and play for?) the United States national team during the May/June camp and the Gold Cup; a veteran right back is about to break a record; a Jim Carrey appearance.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
May 03, 2013
8:32 AM
  • Jurgen Klinsmann says that Stuart Holden will be called in for the May-June camp and participate in this summer’s Gold Cup. “We have the backing from his club that we can play him through the summer,” Klinsmann says. “He knows there won’t be big vacation time, and he said ‘I don’t want vacation anymore. I had one and a half years off!’” So, that’s pretty big news, although where, exactly, the midfielder fits into the pecking order remains up in the air.

  • Steve Cherundolo talked to U.S. Soccer on the verge of breaking Hannover’s record for most appearances by one player, which is pretty darn cool. “Players of my style are appreciated—players who put in the daily work and aren’t flashy, and who have the values that I think the fans here appreciate, which are hardworking, simple and having a level head on your shoulders,” Cherundolo says. Boring but effective. We like.

  • Brian Sciaretta reports that Junior Flores is heading to Germany to train with Borussia Dortmund through the Champions League final, which he will attend. If you remember, Flores signed a pre-contract with Dortmund, but can’t sign a professional deal until he turns 18 next March.

  • Steve Goff has a ticket sales update for us. The friendly vs. Germany on June 2 in Washington is up to 33,000, and organizers have suggested adding additional seating behind the goals. If you’ve ever seen a game at RFK—aka a brokedown palace of a stadium—the areas behind the goals are vast pockets of emptiness.

  • Is Victor Pineda your newest U-20 star? He thinks there's a chance. And you know what that means...
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