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ASN Morning Read: Redemption Time for D.C.

Ben Olsen and the boys save a lost season with a shocking victory over Real Salt Lake. That is, as they say, why you play the games; Mix Diskerud gets some fans love and it's more magical than you could imagine.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 02, 2013
7:28 AM
  • Your 2013 Lamar Hunt-winning goal: And the important stuff about the game:

  • Mix Diskerud turned 23 and all he got was this insanely amazing video on YouTube:
  • The New York Times goes long on politician Sepp Blatter. He's the best: "Shaping a message has been a perpetual part of Blatter’s background even if his professional career has been eclectic. Though his playing career was limited to Switzerland’s amateur leagues, his primary fame has come from his work in soccer. Since 1975, he has risen from technical director for FIFA to general secretary to president in 1998. A polyglot who speaks German, French, English, Spanish and Italian, Blatter conscientiously built a deep network of influence as he advanced."

  • Speaking of FIFA, Jeff McGregor goes after the issue of Qatar, the 2022 World Cup, and human rights: "To the extent that our games are meant to symbolize the best and worst in us all, these certainly will, perhaps more perfectly than we intend. Our humanity will be measured in every dimension of glory and squalor. We need to hold international sanctioning bodies like FIFA responsible for what they do, and we need to hold broadcasters and sponsors and the media and the contractors and the governments and ourselves accountable for what we make of the world. No game is worth a single human life. Simple."

  • Danny Williams, man. Danny Williams.

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