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ASN Morning Read: Next Stop, Jacksonville

It's the first Monday of June and we have a doozy of an ASN Morning Read for you with live action from New Jersey, Clint Dempsey jerseys in fighter pilots, and Frank Lampard in New York City.
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 02, 2014
7:49 AM
  • Would you like highlights of the match?
  • How about 16 exclusive photos?

  • Or maybe a game story, player ratings, or feature on Jozy Altidore?

  • Jurgen Klinsmann gets asked a lot of questions about formation. In this piece, he answers some of them; “There is no such thing as a best system,” Klinsmann said. “It doesn’t really matter because it’s the whole team, how it plays as a unit, how it attacks and how it defends collectively. We will approach different teams in different ways. We have at least two or three systems. The system right now suits a lot of our players because it is also based on their strengths. .?.?. Every system requires different characteristics. It is good for us that we work on different ones and hopefully use different ones at different moments in Brazil.”

  • Clint, part one:
  • Clint, part two:
  • Frank Lampard and David Villa to NYCFC? That's the rumor, which could mean anything, really.

  • DeAndre Yedlin is either the future or not, according to's Jonah Freedman: "Maybe Yedlin won’t see many minutes, if any, in Brazil. Maybe he’ll be there for the experience, and hopefully his youthful energy will help push the veterans harder. But regardless, he’s a symbol. He’s plain evidence to any young, aspiring player in this country that you don’t have to dream of jumping to Europe or Mexico to get a shot at playing at the highest level. He’s proof that the system that is now in place—though still not perfect—is a mechanism that works."

  • Here you fill find five photos of Michael Bradley. In one of them, he is smiling. That sounds like about the correct ratio.

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