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ASN Morning Read: MLS's Money Problems Mount

Major League Soccer's commissioner talks about the ongoing financial woes of the domestic outfit; one of Brazil's major cities is underwater; some of the United States boys meet up in England.
BY Noah Davis Posted
January 20, 2014
9:00 AM
  • Don Garber says the league loses between $75 and $100 million a year. "One of the things that is interesting with (the league) is that I don’t get asked as much about our economic viability and the stability of the league. It’s all accepted that this league is going to be here to stay," the Commissioner said. (Not true: I asked him and he avoided answering, but whatever.) Anyway, that's either a lot of money, something you'd say if you were throwing cash around but also about to enter new CBA negotiations with your players, or both.

  • Sepp Blatter has some competition for FIFA president as Jérôme Champagne will run. Although he's considered a longshot, the Frenchman has an important backer: Pele. “Football today enjoys a lot of success,” the 73-year-old wrote in a statement announcing his support, “but also faces many problems requiring a strong and democratic FIFA with a vision in favor of everyone and a governance which is both universal and modern.”

  • Speaking of Brazil, heavy rains flooded Rio: "The storm started around 6pm Thursday evening and soon the entire city registered flooding, lack of street lighting and problems with public transport. In just one night the city turned into chaos and destruction, especially around the Maracana stadium. More than 10 neighbourhoods and a nearby city, Nova Iguacu, were dark and many streets flooded. Santos Dumont airport, in the city center, was closed for 45 minutes and huge amounts of water were reported near Galeão, the International airport. The water also invaded subway and train railways and stations, leaving thousands of people without transport. There were traffic jams on the city’s most important and busy highways."

  • The New York Red Bulls take you behind the scenes at the MLS SuperDraft. Good stuff:
  • Goofballs:
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