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ASN Morning Read: Megan Rapinoe for President

Who says no? Probably a lot of people, but she has our vote. And isn't that what matters? Elsewhere, Cristiano Ronaldo is rather good at jumping, although we're not going to show that. Allez Les Bleus?
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 07, 2016
8:40 AM
  • Rapinoe on her future as a TV commentator: "I've always got opinions on everything. I really am interested. I think it's very difficult and people don’t give enough credit to how hard it is to do in-game commentary. I'd have a lot of work to do, but I'd definitely be interested. I'm always interested in breaking down the game, and I'd love to see more females doing it. It's amazing to see more companies like ESPN and Fox step out and have smart women doing this who can bring a lot to it."

  • This seems like... not very much money?
  • How the heck has NYCFC, who won again last night, gotten so good so quickly? This sure helps:

  • Your MLS roundup: NYCFC Wins, FC Dallas Dominates, 4 Teams Choke

  • Argentina will have an Olympic team, which eliminates the slight possibility that the United States would get an automatic FIFA "we screwed this up, please get in there" slot.

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