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ASN Morning Read: Landon Donovan 2018?

Could we see the United States national teamer in Russia? Who knows; Tab Ramos leads the U-20s to the promised land (read: semifinals); another setback for an injury-stricken player.
BY Noah Davis Posted
April 17, 2014
8:04 AM
  • Will Landon Donovan stick around and play in the 2018 World Cup? "I haven't made any decision definitively. But from a physical standpoint, the game is so much faster now than it's ever been, and one of my greatest attributes is my ability to run and my speed. As you get older, that sort of tails off. It's not that I don't think I'll be capable, but it might be more difficult at 36 to keep moving the same way. So we'll see. I certainly haven't made any decisions yet. It would certainly be difficult to do another one, but not impossible," he told Mashable.

  • Were you worried about the United States at the World Cup? Would you like to get more concerned? Then read John Godfrey's excellent opus on "5 Things U.S. Soccer Fans Should Worry About Now." Gonzalez and fullbacks and Altidore and...

  • Um, 7/1 seems strong (see above):
  • Chris Pontius wins the Stuart Holden award for the player who has spent the most time on the injury list. He'll undergo surgery to fix his hamstring (again) and will miss several more months. “Now that there is a clear direction, he’s in a better place. Obviously he has the experience of recovering from injuries so he is optimistic," D.C. United general manager Dave Kasper told the Washington Post.

  • The United States U-20 team is into the semifinals of the Dallas Cup:
  • What are you doing on May 11? The answer should be watching the English Premier League, as NBC will broadcast every single game of the season's final day live. And then stay around and watch some MLS action, won't you?

  • Will we watch a four and a half minute long video of some dude singing every World Cup anthem? Is that seriously a question?
  • Noah Davis, one of our favorite soccer writers, put together a nice bit about the New York Cosmos for The New Yorker. President Erik Stover on the team's future: “We want to be in our own stadium. We want to have what we believe to be the best roster in the United States. We want to be competing in CONCACAF for a Champions League title. And we want the N.A.S.L. to be as good or better than Major League Soccer.”

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