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ASN Morning Read: Coach Calls the Troops Early

The United States national team boss will start camp on May 14 and The Daily Mail is outraged; an out-of-sorts midfielder regains his form; defending David Moyes; U.S.-Turkey tickets.
BY Noah Davis Posted
April 23, 2014
7:35 AM
  • Jurgen Klinsmann is demanding that his players arrive May 14, less 72 hours after the Premier League Season ends, and the Daily Mail is in a tizzy: "It means the players will have to get the first available long-haul flights after their club matches in order to arrive in time and they are privately worried about suffering fatigue from such a tough routine when their team-mates from the MLS have only just started their regular season." Players quoted in the piece include exactly no one, which means it's almost certainly fact.

  • Danny Williams, who went 90 minutes in Reading's 2-0 win on Tuesday, gets himself the ASN feature treatment.

  • Landon Donovan came out in support of his former coach, David Moyes, saying “I think it would’ve been nice to give [Moyes] a little more time. He inherited a group of players that weren’t his own, so that’s always difficult. I think over time when he was at Everton he showed that he’s capable of putting a winning team on the field, but that’s the way it goes, that’s life and that’s an unfortunate part of coaching." Meanwhile, his coach is on the same page:
  • Would you like to go to the United States send-off match against Turkey? You'll need to apply for tickets between May 1 and 2. Not afraid to be servicey.

  • Oh good, Orange County Commissioner Ted Edwards is upset by the "double standards" he sees regarding the need for new MLS expansions to have soccer-specific stadiums. Orlando City needed one; Atlanta didn't. Edwards, who voted against the stadium plan, isn't done yet.

  • Jermaine Jones got himself a new tattoo, which can be summed up by an email from a friend: "I love him so much. It is the worst and most painful-looking tattoo I have ever seen."
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