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ASN Morning Read: It's All Over for CONCACAF Jack

Crazy happenings in Trinidad and Tobago as Mr. Warner gets out before he has to answer any questions; Jozy Altidore talks to the media (again) and offers some truths; the selling of Brek Shea.
BY Noah Davis Posted
April 22, 2013
8:56 AM
  • Jack Warner's world continues to fall apart, as he left the government of Trinidad and Tobago, then resigned as UNC chairman. The moves are an attempt to avoid having to talk about his shady dealings while in charge of CONCACAF. How do you spell "corruption" in Trinidadian?

  • Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has an excellent look at how shipping Brek Shea to Stoke City helped FC Dallas grow as a team. Your key quote, courtesy of FCD owner Dan Hunt: “Brek was disproportionately heavy against our salary cap. Moving him effectively created about $1 million in cap room for us. So we were able to add four players by moving one player—Je-Vaughn Watson, Ramon Nunez, Eric Hassli and Kenny Cooper—and we still have cap room to add a very high-end soccer player." A must-read if you're interested in the business of MLS.

  • The Jozy Altidore press tour continues as Jason Davis talks to the young forward: "I'm not 18 anymore. I'm not going to just jump at something -- I have experience now I know what I'm looking for in a club, I know what I'm looking for in an environment. If that doesn't feel right, I'm not going to make (a move). I'm not high maintenance; I just want to put myself in the best position, like any other player. I'm going to take my time and not rush into it."

  • Christen Press scored her first goal with Tyreso. Watch this lady; she's learning to dominate.

  • Quote of the weekend: "Don't count the old guy out yet."

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