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ASN Morning Read: Hurry Up and Get Here, Friday

We are getting closer to the World Cup qualifier at Red Bull Arena, but we're still so far away; Can we talk about Clint Dempsey's face in the photo above? That dude knows how to smile.
BY Noah Davis Posted
August 31, 2017
4:35 AM
  • Good preview of the game: Costa Rica Rematch: That Was Then, This Is Now

  • A preview of Costa Rica: "Costa Rica is a good side and could make things very difficult for the United States. Despite Los Ticos quality, I expect the USMNT to secure a narrow 2-1 victory."

  • Serious question: How much would Christian Pulisic cost on the transfer market? $50 million? $100 million? In a lot of ways, it doesn't matter. We're in unprecedented territory here. 

  • He's getting his own camera, people!

  • And more profiles: "Arena appreciates Pulisic’s age: In the 1980s, at the University of Virginia, he coached against Mark Pulisic, then a mullet-haired sniper at GMU."

  • Fabian Johnson will play midfield, gosh darnit. (This is a good thing.)

  • Very good analysis by a smart pundit: "Once again, while Bradley might not be the U.S.'s best or most skilled player, he's making a case that he's the squad's most important one."

  • This is... interesting:

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