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ASN Morning Read: Hoist that Trophy, Sporting KC

The Major League Soccer squad certainly knows how to win the domestic championship; Are we really going to call the Open Cup a "major championship"?; The kid does it again, of course. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
September 21, 2017
12:15 AM
  • Sporting Kansas City wins the U.S. Open cup:
  • And they had a champagne celebration

  • This is fun:
  • "Every year, I renew my vows with the U.S. Open Cup. It’s my favorite competition in U.S. Soccer, partly because it’s such a survivor. Every generation of top-flight American soccer seems to throw up some new suicidal tendency in the name of progress, but throughout it all, the U.S. Open Cup has chugged along with a cockroach’s instinct for surviving corporate paternalism, immigrant ghettos, the rampant free market, wartime and just plain old indifference."

  • Pulisic:
  • MLS is making CONCACAF better:
  • Wrong last name, right observation:

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