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ASN Morning Read: Heading Home with a Win

It didn't look good at first, but the Americans battled back in Sarajevo to earn a hard-fought 4-3 win. Click through for the best of the reports. Elsewhere, we talk about goalkeepers. Goalkeepers?
BY Noah Davis Posted
August 15, 2013
8:50 AM
  • The United States national team defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 4-3 thanks to a hat trick from Jozy Altidore. Jurgen Klinsmann, who wants to be in the top 15, was pleased with the performance. Read all about it, then rate the performance.

  • Your full highlights:
  • Some words from Jeff Carlisle: "Last week, U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard called Jozy Altidore 'our moneymaker.' Against Bosnia-Herzegovina, Altidore did more than earn his paycheck, delivering a second-half hat trick to lead the U.S. to a historic 4-3 comeback victory, its first such triumph on European soil."

  • Can we talk about this goal from Altidore? Actually, let's just watch
  • Okay then:

  • Three thoughts from Grant Wahl? Sure, why not? He highlights the win, the new guys, and Michael Bradley.

  • Have you ever wanted to get into the mind of a Premier League goalie during a match? Look no further than this fun, in-depth piece from Josh Robinson on Petr Cech: "Being a goalkeeper, he'll tell you, means being a pessimist. 'You should always be ready for the worst. On the field, that underlies everything Cech does. The way he sees his job, it boils down to three tasks: 'Catch the ball, organize the people, make sure you're ready for anything that comes across.' Anything beyond those three things isn't his problem."
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