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ASN Morning Read: Going for the Gold (Cup)

Thanks, we'll be here all week with our jokes and our Gold Cup puns; I don't know if that's even a pun; More like creative punctuation; Anyway, good things are happening on the field for the U.S.
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 28, 2017
3:50 AM
  • Eric Lichaj returns: "I always knew I was maybe in the picture a little bit. I’ve tried to always keep myself fit and consistent with my club which I have done, and the last [three] seasons I’ve played over 40 games each year and I was voted by club Player of the Year. For all the hard work the past couple years, I’m back in camp and hopefully I’ll get to prove myself and do well over the next couple games."

  • The U.S. is more fun when Dom Dwyer is around:
  • Thoughts on Dempsey's future: "The big question, though, is "Will he accept it?" It takes a real re-wiring to get used to coming off the bench, and many star players never quite adjust to that role. You don't get to 56 career goals by being happy with "second choice" status (which Dempsey showed in his heated exchange with Arena after being subbed off against Trinidad & Tobago). But I've talked to a few folks who know Dempsey well, and they are certain that he'll get over whatever issues he may have with reduced minutes in this new era of the USMNT that is built upon two things: Pragmatism and Pulisic. If coming off the bench in high-leverage moments is what keeps Dempsey in the squad, he'll do it, he'll compete like hell, and he'll probably find at least one more big-time goal in his legs."

  • Make your Starting XI for U.S.-Ghana.

  • Good thread:
  • The Stockade FC press tour continues

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