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ASN Morning Read: Youth To Be Served This Summer?

With the Copa America drawing closer, Klinsmann talked Pulisic, Morris and Yedlin as kids making their case to be included in the squad; One of the pre-tournament friendlies is scheduled against an unfamiliar foe.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
April 22, 2016
8:45 AM
  • Jurgen Klinsmann discusses Christian Pulisic and other young players with a chance to make the Copa America roster:

  • At the annual APSE commissioners meetings, Don Garber said young American players can get more playing time in MLS than going abroad. The league gives "players an opportunity to play day in and day out and lead a team and get lots and lots of reps, as opposed to going overseas to test their courage and test their mettle and maybe not playing."

  • Garber on the national team’s struggles: “When you strip it all down, I do think our men's national team is getting better. I think the rest of the world is getting better also, and in many parts of the world getting better faster in places that we didn't expect. Nobody expected Costa Rica to have the national team that they have. A lot of that has to do with Major League Soccer. There are a lot of Costa Rican players in MLS."

  • The U.S. men will face Puerto Rico for the first time ever on May 22, the first of three warmup games before the Copa America.


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