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ASN Morning Read: Game Day in Glendale, Arizona

We're coming to you live from the ASN Phoenix bureau where it's a balmy 55 degrees (is that it?) and sunny. United States versus Mexico kicks off in a little over 12 hours. Get excited.
BY Noah Davis Posted
April 02, 2014
8:31 AM
  • Ahhhhhhh. It's here. The best day in U.S. soccer. America versus El Tri. You know who has been a big part of this rivalry? Landon Donovan. But is it his last go round? Maybe!

  • Go watch part one in a three-part documentary on Maurice Edu. We promise you won't be disappointed.

  • Are you tired of talking and reading about Julian Green? Yeah, us neither. Phil Schoen looks at all the young Americans in Europe, the "Greening" of the U.S. team. Yeah, I did just make that up. Puns, everywhere: "They might have just seen the 'Green' light from Germany, but as the United States national team prepares to face Mexico on Wednesday, there are even more promising signs on the horizon.

  • What can Jurgen Klinsmann learn from the disaster in 1998? We don't know. Luckily, Greg Lalas asked Steve Sampson, the United States coach. Here's one tactic Jurgen Klinsmann probably shouldn't emulate: “At halftime, someone from their government came to their locker room. They took the players’ passports and told them they wouldn’t be allowed to return to Iran if they lost.”

  • First, ASN ran this. And then Nick Rimando received more love. “To be part of this group and having the talks with Jurgen when first came in about being a leader on and off the field, being a good pro, showing the young guys what to do, I take pride in that and I think that’s why I’m here today,” Rimando said. “We’re a country with great goalkeepers. I’m not going into this with any frustration or any doubt about whether I’m going to play … I’m going in there to prepare the team, not just the goalkeepers but the field players when they need me. Just keep my mind open and enjoy the ride.”

  • Zlatan.

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