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ASN Morning Read: Game Day in Frisco, Texas

The United States men's national team prepares to take on Ecuador in a Copa America warm up, and they are ready to run, run, run; there seems to be a lot of concern coming out of the American camp.
BY Noah Davis Posted
May 25, 2016
7:30 AM
  • Defensive Woes, Left Back Issues, a Muddled Midfield

  • Way to stay positive out there: "For the sake of his semifinal goal, Klinsmann must begin laying that foundation on Wednesday in Frisco, Texas, where the U.S. will entertain Ecuador. Unfortunately for the manager, however, circumstances are already uncooperative."

  • What would you do if you ran the zoo?
  • This is a little high-minded, although not incorrect: "In the end Klinsmann espouses a style of roster management that would not be unfamiliar to Henry Kissinger and his Realpolitik acolytes of the Cold War era. Their ultimate argument was that America had outgrown the high-minded moralism and optimism of Wilsonian foreign policy. The world was a harder place than that, and so we must meet it with the cold steel of reality. There is no room for lofty ideals when your political vision is teetering on anarchic dissolution."

  • Sitdown with Christian would be a good show title. Much better than Hanging with Pulisic. 

  • Is it a problem that Jurgen Klinsmann spotted Jordan Morris who was playing for a team that essentially kicked it as far as they could and let him chase? I mean, maybe: "But the collegians recovered and kept it simple, defending with 10 men and attempting to spring the speedy Morris on the counter. Then a through ball put Morris in behind the US defense, and the young striker slotted home the finish."

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