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ASN Morning Read: Draws for All, Mohawks for Some

The United States national team looks to move on after a tough tie in Glasgow; a young prospect re-ups with one of the world's biggest clubs; lots of people watched lots of soccer in 2013.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 18, 2013
8:06 AM
  • Yeah, we are still talking about that listless match on Friday. We have the tactics that led to the brutally dull draw, four quick thoughts to spark your brain, and a bit with everyone's fave, Eric Lichaj.

  • The draw against Scotland was a missed opportunity, writes Jeff Carlisle. And he's right. But then his colleague Doug McIntyre comes over the top, talking about how Brek Shea could still make the 2014 World Cup roster. "He can create something out of nothing," Jurgen Klinsmann said, which is exactly what you'd want to hear if you were Shea.

  • The top 20 matches in terms of attendance are in the books for 2013, and the United States figures in just four. Furthermore, the only U.S. single fixture dates are the Gold Cup final against Panama and the friendly against Germany. That's either good news or bad news, depending on how positive you want to be. On one hand, the sport is growing so much that there's massive interest in other national team, clubs from Europe, and MLS sides. On the other, you'd hope the Stars and Stripes would draw better.

  • Marc Pelosi signs a contract extension with Liverpool. Maybe he can buy whoever took that photo a higher resolution camera.

  • Okay, okay:

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