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ASN Morning Read: Dempsey Gets a Red Card

And it seems pretty harsh? Someone call the Disciplinary Committee. Or Obama. Don Garber makes a case that Major League Soccer can use technology in new and intersting ways. Another season begins. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 14, 2016
8:35 AM
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  • There's a place for MLS to lead the world in technology, and Don Garber knows it: "How do we get that data, get it up on ESPN or Fox and grow our television ratings, because we’ve got to grow our audience. I want to know, and Landon Donovan doesn’t agree with me on this, that when he's standing over that ball and he’s in the MLS Cup final, and his heart is racing and he's got a penalty kick, I want to be able to show on air what's happening. And when he hits it, what does it look like, and when he misses it, what does it look like."

  • If you haven't read this, you should: All-Star Keegan Rosenberry Keeps It Simple, Effective

  • Good goal:
  • Yeah, that's not a red card:

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