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ASN Morning Read: Copa Only Two Days Away

As Friday's Copa America opener against Colombia gets closer, the United States men are feeling good about where the team stands heading into the tournament.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
June 01, 2016
8:15 AM
  • With the Copa America kicking off Friday, Jurgen Klinsmann and the team spoke about the growing excitement, energy within the team and evolving roles.

    Klinsmann on the John Brooks-Geoff Cameron partnership: “The fact that they haven't played together that often is down to injuries... So now I think that they fine tune, they develop a good partnership and hopefully that partnership is very valuable.”

    On Bobby Wood’s progress: “I remember a couple of comments from the media side two years ago when I brought him in for the first game in Czech Republic, and people were wondering why because he was sitting on the bench at 1860 Munich, fighting against relegation in the second Bundesliga. With a young player, they can only grow if they play. You've got to give young players the chance, the minutes, and also give them the OK that they can make mistakes.”

    Christian Pulisic on fitting in with the team: "The guys have taken me in. They're all really nice, and it's helped me a lot that I've been with them a few weeks now. It's getting more and more comfortable. I'm making more friends

  • How would you line the team up on Friday?

  • An oral history of the United States’ fourth-place finish in the 1995 Copa America.

  • On yet another tournament roster, Chris Wondolowski tries not to let the pressure consume him: “When you step out there on the field it’s just another soccer game, 11-v-11 and you just have to rely on the things that you’ve always done and it’s more excitement than anything, it’s no real nerves.”

  • Klinsmann on formations: “With a 4-3-3 and based on the players that we have, this is definitely interesting to see because when we have wingers that maybe a couple of years ago we didn’t have, we can try to bring their strengths out in that formation.”


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