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ASN Morning Read: Clint Dempsey Eyes Victory

The American captain isn't afraid of playing Germany, Portugal, or the aliens from Space Jam. He's going to win. The NYT finds soccer in the Pacific Northwest; we find your funny bone.
BY Noah Davis Posted
May 21, 2014
8:16 AM
  • Clint Dempsey don't care: "The expectation doesn't change," he said. "Playing in a World Cup you are trying to compete against the best teams in the world. That is what it's all about. That is what is so special about it—that every team has had to work hard to qualify and they deserve to be there. Nothing in life is worth having if you don't have to work for it. Our group is difficult and we have our work cut out for us, but that is what it's all about. We will face the challenge head on and put in the work that is necessary and make it count."

  • Cody Cropper is the future: “I was on the bus back from Aston Villa and I had my phone face down on the table,” the Southampton goalkeeper tells American Soccer Now. “It started to vibrate and I thought it was my Dad calling me. He normally calls me after games. So I flipped it over and it said, 'Jurgen Klinsmann.' I thought, ‘This is interesting.’”

  • It's a fiasco. A Lupe Fiasco. While we're here, we're pleased to announced that ASN's Morning Read team has been named as comedy director for the United States national team's World Cup campaign.

  • The New York Times, perhaps attempting to make up for the Williamsburg hipster soccer story disaster, goes to the Pacific Northwest and finds some soccer fans. Sometimes it's like they aren't even trying.

  • This is one of the best things we've read about the World Cup in some time. It has nothing to do with American soccer, but it does have sentences like this: "Someone has sliced open football’s hour-glass, and the sand has come pouring out on to the streets."

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