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ASN Morning Read: But Where Are the Solutions?

Everyone in the American soccer community has thoughts about the United States men's national program; So much anger; The kids look to advance in the Under-17 World cup. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 16, 2017
8:20 AM
  • Questions Linger as Sunil Gulati Refuses to Step Down

  • Lindsey Horan's goal wins the NWSL championship for the Portland Thorns. 

  • This is largely correct:
  • So is this, from Bobby Warshaw, American soccer's best emo writer: "Return of investment is the wrong way to discuss soccer or kids. We shouldn't find a way to change the pay-for-play system in American soccer because it helps US Soccer qualify for a World Cup. We should find a way to change the pay-for-play system because it's at the core of the ethos our country.  When we talk about pay-for-play, let's frame the question to make sure it's about the kids, creating opportunity, and living in a society we believe in, not what the kids can do for us."

  • Actually, here are some next steps.

  • The United States U-17s play Paraguay in the Round of 16 (10:30, FS2). Here's a nice preview: "Getting a result against the South American side isn’t far-fetched, although it will require a better outing than the one produced against Colombia.  Not a lot changes from a US perspective: They need to win in transition moments, whether that’s winning the ball and going forward, or defending after losing the ball. That, and getting a more dominant effort from Sargent and Carleton will be key in what could be a high-scoring affair."

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