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ASN Morning Read: Bocanegra Back to MLS?

The kinda, sorta United States national team captain contemplates another move; Freddy Adu gets another manager in a long line of bosses; Tim Howard talks Americans at Manchester United.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
May 14, 2013
8:19 AM
  • Carlos Bocanegra's agent says the 33-year-old has received interest from MLS. Currently on loan with Racing Santander in Spain's second division, Bocanegra said he'd be going back to Rangers for 2013-14, but it's more than likely he won't play in Scotland's third division next season. He could return to Major League Soccer, although it's clear by this point that Bocanegra would rather stay in Europe as long as he can. Either way, Jurgen Klinsmann doesn't want the former captain to move back to Scotland.

  • Alejandro Bedoya notched a nice assist in Helsingborg's 5-0 win over BK Hacken on Monday. The former Boston College winger had a deft first touch, flew down the flank, and crossed to a waiting teammate who tapped the ball into the net. You'd have to imagine Bedoya, who has been playing very well, will get a national team callup with the litany of games in the coming months.

  • Tim Howard believes in David Moyes but dismisses the notion that Americans will play for Manchester United just because they did at Everton: "It's more complicated than just, 'David Moyes goes to Manchester United, therefore more Americans will follow,'" which, of course, is exactly right. Still, having Moyes at one of the world's biggest clubs won't hurt the chances for an American to play there. Oh that's right, Tim Howard already did.

  • Freddy Adu is getting his third coach at Bahia. He's been there for less than two months. Brazilian soccer is the best. Adu, meanwhile, has had 15 coaches in less than a decade of playing. Someone find the dude some stability.

  • PSG celebrated its first French title in 19 years, so of course fans rioted in Paris. We must say, riots look way classier in front of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. But still, maybe don't do that, fans?

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