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ASN Morning Read: Bill Hamid's Big Adventure

The D.C. United goalkeeper moves abroad on a free transfer. That did not work out the way it was supposed to; Landon Donovan considers running; Some dudes talk about some things. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 19, 2017
4:15 AM
  • Good luck:
  • "The nominations for U.S. Soccer presidential candidates are due on Dec. 12, and SI.com has learned that Landon Donovan is seriously considering running for U.S. Soccer president.  Donovan, who had no comment, has been asked by a number of respected figures in American soccer to contemplate running. They’re concerned about Sunil Gulati continuing to control decisions on the technical side—including hiring head coaches—and think Donovan is better qualified to handle the soccer aspects of the job.  If Donovan were to run, it would be a game-changer in the campaign to become the elected leader of U.S. Soccer."

  • This is a good watch:
  • This Columbus Crew situation is a bad look for MLS: "I predict Major League Soccer will welcome Columbus back someday, but playing in the USL is a whole lot better than playing with this kind of businessman. It isn’t MLS, but it’s plenty entertaining, the tickets are cheaper, you’ll have saved yourself months and months of pointless negotiation, and you’ll be rid of someone you don’t like who who doesn’t like or respect you. And someday, you can fix your stadium up a little bit."

  • Who's gonna fall off this list

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