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ASN Morning Read: Being Michael Bradley

The United States national team midfielder gets the long profile treatment; Major League Soccer gets some exciting, late-game moments; two defenders who battled each other are buddies.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 17, 2014
8:24 AM
  • Major League Soccer's Simon Borg wrote an in-depth profile of Michael Bradley. One of the most interesting parts came when the Toronto FC midfielder was talking about his European options. "There were options. Probably not as many as you’d think. Probably not as many as I would have hoped."

  • You can't say MLSr doesn't have drama. According to Soccer America, "MLS is averaging 0.47 goals a game in the 90th minute or later, more than double any of Europe's big four leagues." A small sample size, but still.

  • Jay DeMerit and Carlos Bocanegra battled each other over the weekend. We very much enjoyed this preview about how their friendship developed over the years. Jay DeMerit dabbles with a paintbrush in his down time and he’ll be pleased to know that his gift to Carlos Bocanegra hasn’t been relegated to storage or the scrap heap. “It’s in my daughter’s room,” Bocanegra said.

  • New infographic time: The World Cup is Mere Weeks Away. How Will the U.S Perform in Brazil?. Let us know.

  • Oh Clint:

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