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ASN Morning Read: Another Win for the Women

The United States women's national team dispatches another opponent with relative ease; so many American men score for their club sides that we can't even list them all; we highlight one, for obvious reasons.
BY Noah Davis Posted
September 19, 2016
3:55 AM
  • The United States women defeated The Netherlands 3-1, thanks in part to this excellent team goal finished by Carli Lloyd:
  • Megan Rapinoe was not disiplined for kneeling during the anthem. 

  • It took, um, not very long for Landon Donovan to score his first goal since returning. And it's a beat. Watch it here because I can't figure out how to embed it. 

  • Good stuff, FIFA: "Norway’s Karen Espelund, an experienced administrator who lost a UEFA election this year, told me: “We’re seeing a tendency that women with no or limited background in football are elected.” Two worrisome examples: UEFA’s new female rep, Evelina Christillin of Italy, insulted gay players this week and once used racial slurs against Inter Milan’s Indonesian owner. (She later apologized.) Meanwhile, Australia’s Moya Dodd, the most respected women’s leader at FIFA, is facing a real challenge in Asia by unknown candidates from Bangladesh and (wait for it) North Korea. The election in Asia will be a real litmus test of whether Asia is serious about electing a women’s representative based on merit and experience. If it doesn’t do so, then these gender reforms are a joke."

  • A bunch of Americans scored goals over the weekend. We'll have that for you later today.

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