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ASN Morning Read: Almost Time to Stop Talking

The United States men's national team will take the field against Panama in a little over a day; Won't this game ever arrrive?; Many people have many thoughts about many things. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 05, 2017
4:00 AM
  • How bad would it be if the U.S. misses the World Cup? Eh: "There's this sentiment out there from some quarters that somehow the U.S. needs a reset in the form of not getting to a World Cup in order to progress, and I completely disagree. I don’t think we need a mirror held up to get us to know what we are or what we aren't. We are very aware of our problems and our challenges. The damage that missing out on the platform that is the World Cup would be a huge blow, and not a necessary one at this point in time. Any return and improvement that would happen after not qualifying is, as far as I’m concerned, advancement that is going to happen regardless."

  • Here's Tim Howard talking:

  • Bringing in the big guns:
  • "The United Bid Committee announced today the 32 cities across North America that could serve as Official Host Cities for the 2026 FIFA World Cup™. The 32 potential host cities include four cities in Canada, three in Mexico and 25 cities in the United States."
  • DeAndre Yedlin looks very strong:
  • Two Americans make the Guardian's list of 60 young stars

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