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ASN Morning Read: All-Star Night in Kansas City

Oh hey, there's a big game in Kansas City tonight. Michael Bradley brings his boys to town where they face off against Landon Donovan and Don Garber's best. We were told there would be BBQ.
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 31, 2013
8:25 AM
  • The Major League Soccer all-stars take on AS Roma Wednesday night (9pm, ESPN2) in Kansas City. Landon Donovan. Your potential breakout star? DeAndre Yedlin, who has a new haircut and seemingly unlimited potential. But, more importantly: and this:
  • Landon Donovan isn't sure if he's going to come back to MLS in 2014. His contract runs out and he'll decide what to do when he gets there. As if there was any other option.

  • Presented without comment: "American soccer fans are a self-critical bunch with a remarkable willingness to wallow. Though the sport is one of the fastest-growing in the nation, the domestic MLS is often stigmatized and tarnished as déclassé; a shiny aura still cloaks any player arriving from abroad (especially if he has an American military parent), and when the USMNT loses one game, the sky falls. On the occasion we actually beat a true world power, a caveat is quickly conjured to diminish the feat."

  • Brek Shea played in a friendly last night. He scored a goal: then he got hurt:

  • Jimmy Conrad went to the Gold Cup final and came back with this sweet video:
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