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ASN Morning Read: A Proud Papa in the House

One of Major League Soccer's most unique individuals has baby number two, but he doesn't let it interfere with his starting spot. Also, will Christian Pulisic consider going to Bayern Munich?
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 19, 2017
5:00 AM
  • This is an exellent quote about Brek Shea's new baby: "He told me he had a good night's sleep, which probably means that he had 20 minutes sleep. He literally texted me an hour before my meeting and said 'I'm a new dad, I'll be there in half an hour, make sure my name's on the team sheet'. So that shows character."

  • Who do you want going to the Gold Cup?

  • For some reason, someone asked Christian Pulisic if he wanted to go to Bayern Munich. He said no.

  • The Confederations Cup has been fun

  • Congrats to Bobby Wood:

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