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ASN Morning Read: A Move for Michael Bradley

Um, wow. Michael Bradley is on the verge of booking a historic transfer back to the United States. Well, at least to Canada, which is essentially the same thing. Welcome back, MB 90.
BY Noah Davis Posted
January 09, 2014
6:42 AM
  • First, we heard there was no room for Michael Bradley at Roma. Then Mr. Taylor Twellman dropped a bomb:
  • Michael Bradley is almost certainly coming to Toronto FC in Major League Soccer. (Uh, except he's in Roma's gameday squad today.) ASN readers have expressed myriad opinions on the matter, ranging from "Import for him to get playing time, both for himself and for the usmnt" to "I picked the closest available open box to the bottom corner down here. I really want that very bottom corner box. Actually I think this is so bad it's off the chart. Can I pretend there's a box down by the copyright thing at the bottom of the page?"

  • Want some Bradley hot takes? We gathered 19 100-word opinions in one spot. And here's one from Will Parchman and another from Steve Goff, who offers this bit: "It’s good for American soccer in general: The unofficial captain of the national team is the working-class hero who grew up before our eyes and made it all the way to an elite Serie A club. He stands as a symbol of success for players who don’t score goals like Dempsey and Jozy Altidore or prevent them like Howard. We would be remiss, though, without asking whether this switch would be beneficial to Bradley the player. "

  • Oh yeah, TFC is apparently signing Jermain Defoe as well. The outlay for him and Bradley will approach $100 million.
  • The United States team continued training, too:
  • And finally:
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