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ASN Morning Read: A Lack of Love for Wondolowski

Is Major League Soccer's leading scorer getting snubbed on the national team? We're of two minds about this question. Plus, the U-20s go to the semifinals and Geoff Cameron plays a new/old spot.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
March 01, 2013
8:35 AM
  • The U-20s take on Cuba in the semifinals of the CONCACAF Championship tonight in Puebla. Passage to the World Cup is already clinched, but don’t you want to see the lads take on Mexico in the final? Sure, three key players have already left to go back to their clubs and one more will peace out Saturday, but the rest of the tournament totally means something! We’re walking a fine line here between sarcasm and delusional obsession with U.S. soccer at this point. Game’s at 6 p.m. on Fox Soccer. Just watch it.

  • Speaking of the U-20s, The New York Times has a cool story about Tab Ramos’ trip back from national team duty in Acapulco in 1982. A junior in high school, Ramos’ team was in the New Jersey state playoffs but he missed the first flight back, putting him in danger of missing the playoff opener. Fortunately for Ramos, his prep school’s benefactor funded a private jet to come get him to take him to Dallas. From there, he flew to New York, where a helicopter was waiting at La Guardia to take him to his school just before the game started. He scored five goals and had four assists in a 10-0 win, and his team ended up winning the state tournament. They’ve won 25 state titles and eight national titles since then. Awesome.

  • Leander Schaerlaeckens thinks that Chris Wondolowski hasn’t been given a fair chance with the national team and thinks he deserves better considering his MLS scoring binge over the last three seasons. It was mostly before the reign of Klinsmann, but we can’t help but flash back to his pitiful display in the loss to Panama in the 2011 Gold Cup. He’s had his chances but hasn’t taken them. Compare that to the October performances of Eddie Johnson and Alan Gordon, both of whom might not have gotten a shot again if they didn’t step up.

  • Stoke manager Tony Pulis is quickly becoming our go-to for intel in England. Geoff Cameron could fill in at center back this weekend, as he’s been playing fullback or midfield as of late. Certainly good news for the U.S. as we hope the Premier League experience in the middle of the back line will benefit him in his national team future.

  • In sort-of MLS news, David Beckham says that he’s not just a marketing ploy. "In the past at clubs that I have played, I've heard the same thing, that I would sell shirts. It was like that at Man United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and LA Galaxy,” Beckham said. “I am very proud people buy my shirt, but I can still play a bit of football, I can assure you."

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