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ASN Morning Read: Omar Gonzalez Up and Down

Omar Gonzalez makes his case to return to the United States national team; Jesse Gonzalez, on the other hand, says goodbye, probably forever; a flowchart for all your Copa America needs.
BY Noah Davis Posted
February 18, 2016
8:10 AM
  • "It's a real pleasure to see Omar being happy, having a smile on his face and being very strong at the moment," Klinsmann said. "That definitely makes his case much stronger for the national team as well." (There's also this piece on Gonzalez.)

  • Jesse Gonzalez is not walking through those doors: ""Right now I'm committed to Mexico," Gonzalez said. "Right now that's my focus—with [FC Dallas] and the Mexico men's national team."

  • A Tale of Two Rosters: The U.S. Senior Side and U23s

  • The Copa America draw is on Sunday and here's the process in one easy flowchart:
  • Hope Solo, of all people, is leading the charge in the U.S.'s labor battle: "She was the player who brought in Rich Nichols to take a stronger approach and was instrumental in advocating for him when the players voted for Nichols as their new union executive director just over a year ago."

  • What he said:

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