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ASN Morning Read: A Bit about Belief and Desire

The United States men's national team coach and one of its star players have differing opinion about success; Thierry Henry challenges the Europhiles; the match in Ukraine grows ever more unlikely.
BY Noah Davis Posted
February 24, 2014
8:05 AM
  • Jurgen Klinsmann came out and said that American players don't "believe" they are good enough to play in the top leagues in Europe. The American players, however, aren't exactly buying what he's putting down. “I actually see it a little bit the opposite,” Landon Donovan told SI.com. “I think our best attribute over the years has been our belief in what we can do. We’ve won a lot of soccer games because we believe we can win, and I think most countries around the world would say the one thing they hate most about playing the Americans is our spirit and the way we do things."

  • Speaking of hard, Thierry Henry does not think MLS is an easy league. "Playing through the summer, it’s brutal," he said. "Playing two times, 45 minutes and being able to stop and drink only at halftime in Houston, in Dallas or even in New York or in Philly, it is not an easy task. So I say to the guys, ‘If you don’t know about the league then don’t talk. Come and play, and you’ll see.’"

  • How do you like these potential new shirts?

  • Your Ukraine update: "The Department of State warns U.S. citizens to defer all non-essential travel to Ukraine during the transition period following the departure of the President from Kyiv on February 22 and while a new government is formed." Hard to think a friendly is "essential" travel, but we shall see.

  • We agree:

  • Carlisle on Edu: read it.

  • And finally, a hearty thank you to Jesse Yomtov for pitching in these last three weeks.

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