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Who Comes Off Worse: Klinsmann or the Players?

We can't stop thinking about Brian Straus' investigative piece about Jurgen Klinsmann, the United States men's soccer team, and dissension within the ranks. Who comes off worse?
BY John Godfrey Posted
March 19, 2013
9:32 PM
Jurgen Klinsmann's tactical abilities and leadership qualities were called into question today via Brian Straus' weapon of mass destruction-like article in the Sporting News.

In this thorough piece Strauss interviewed Klinsmann—on the record—and spoke to all sorts of players and soccer insiders off the record.

You've read it, right? If not, read it.

My question to you: Who comes off worse in the article—the coach or the players?

Klinsmann is a change agent, unabashedly so. He wants to take the American game to another level. Can he do it? Is he right to want to do it?

Some of the players, it seems, like to be comfortable and maintain continuity. And they also like to maintain anonymity. Are you OK with that? Or is it a bit cloying?

The story raises all sorts of compelling issues, but my question to you is this: Who comes off worse—the players or the coach?

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