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What Did the U.S. Get Wrong Against Ukraine?

Liviu Bird and Daryl Grove get specific about the mistakes Jurgen Klinsmann made in Cyprus. But how will they have anything to talk about? We kid, we kid. Listen up, ladies and gents.
BY Daryl Grove Posted
March 06, 2014
9:56 AM
The U.S. national team took the first day of Lent very seriously, giving up possession, space, and two goals against Ukraine on Wednesday. What specifically did Klinsmann's men do wrong?

In this American Soccer Now / Total Soccer Show podcast special, Daryl Grove quizzes tactical analyst Liviu Bird to try and put a finger on exactly what mistakes were made, and to see if those problems can be fixed before the World Cup kicks off. Click below to hear Bird's take on the United State's 2-0 defeat.

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