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United States Fans React to John Brooks' Goal

The central defender scored in the 86th minute to help the United States defeat Ghana, 2-1, in Natal on Monday night. Americans celebrated all over the world. Josh Deaver collected the reactions.
BY Josh Deaver Posted
June 17, 2014
2:31 PM
If Landon Donovan’s last gasp winner against Algeria in 2010 did one thing, it ensured Americans everywhere would have their cameras trained for every nervous moment come 2014. So naturally, minutes after John Brooks’ 86th minute header rippled the back of the Ghanaian net, from sea to shining sea, the reactions began flooding in.

So, without further ado: let freedom ring*.

*Adjust your speakers accordingly because, seriously, some of these do get very loud. Enjoy!

The scene from the Estádio das Dunas in Natal... …and at FIFA Fan Fest on Copacabana Beach. Now before we take you to the reactions from around the country we should recognize that the current leader in the clubhouse for best reaction belongs to reporter Drew Carney of KGW in Portland, Oregon who happened to be on scene of a local beer garden for the fateful goal. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s magic. Finally, from all the watch parties, bars, pubs (AND taverns) across the nation. Salud! Grant Park; Chicago, IL Haymakers; Austin, TX Trinity Hall; Dallas, TX Old Blind Dog Irish Pub; Atlanta, GA SpeakEZ Lounge; Grand Rapids, MI Buffalo Wild Wings; Chattanooga, TN Corner Bar and Rooftop Grill; College Station, TX Johnny’s Tavern; Kansas City, MO Baker St Pub; Houston, TX Dan McGuiness Irish Pub; Nashville, TN Kansas City Power and Light District Hermosa Beach, CA Random Alamo Drafthouse; Dallas, TX FC Tuscon Varsity Theatre; Baton Rouge, LA Tucson, AZ O’Brien’s; San Diego, CA Benchmark; Chicago, IL Penny Lane Pub; Richmond, VA Three Lions Pub; Denver, CO Buffalo Wild Wings; Fresno, CA Public Bar; Washington, DC Baton Rouge, LA

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