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July Update

The New ASN 100 Is Here, And Lots Has Changed

Two new Major League Soccer players cracked the Top 10. Donovan dropped a few more slots. Jack Mac flew up the list. And five guys made the ASN 100 for the very first time.
BY John Godfrey Posted
July 01, 2013
9:37 AM
FOR A WHILE THERE we produced a new ASN 100 every month.

And it was too much.

You’ll have to forgive us for our youthful enthusiasm: We were so enamored with our custom-built, interactive ranking of the top 100 American soccer players that we wanted to update it as often as possible. Did Jozy Altidore move up a slot? Did Josh Gatt crack the Top 25? Did Benji Joya make the list? We were obsessed—hell, we still are—but the 30-day intervals proved to be too much work for too little return. In certain months, it was difficult to tell if anybody moved up or down.

Well, we don’t have that problem any more.

We now update the ASN 100 every other month. And you know what? It feels right. With 60 days worth of MLS action to take into consideration, a handful of Hexagonal matches to scrutinize, friendlies against two world powers, and the U-20 World Cup, we had more than enough data to consider.

You can see the new rankings here.

Our panel for this iteration includes ESPN analyst and former U.S. national team defender Alexi Lalas; Brian Sciaretta, a soccer obsessive who would probably prefer that we updated the ASN 100 every 12 hours; ASN Deputy editor (and Grantland soccer scribe) Noah Davis; Best Soccer Show dynamic duo Jared DuBois and Jason Davis; Crown Prince of All Soccer Media Jon Arnold; writer and former Division I soccer player Ryan O’Hanlon; and me.

For the uninitiated, here’s how it all works: We ask each panelist to rank the top U.S. players based on their current form—not on reputation, not on potential, and specifically not on whether Jurgen Klinsmann is a fan or not. In other words, it’s a subjective, opinionated, aggregated editorial ranking.

And, as always, we want your subjective, opinionated feedback on our list.

More important, we want you to click around the intensely interactive feature that 1) includes player profiles, videos, and pertinent articles and 2) allows you to reassemble the player rankings based on 13 different criteria.

Want to re-rank the ASN 100 from tallest to shortest? Youngest to oldest? Most caps to least caps? Based on number of Twitter followers? By birthplace?

You can do all of that, and much more.

Check it out. Tell a friend. Leave some feedback. And expect to see a slew of changes when we post our next update on September 1.

John Godfrey is the founder and editor in chief of American Soccer Now.

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