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Tweets of the week

Send-Off Series Goes Social, And ASN Ranks the 10 Best

The U.S. national team can't stop tweeting, and we can't stop ranking their tweets. Social media rookie Tim Howard makes his Tweets of the Week debut, and Mike Magee wins the Internet.
BY Justin Churchill Posted
May 30, 2014
8:23 PM

10. Geoff Cameron

Never mind the three guys in the foreground: what is Jermaine looking at/thinking about?

9. Jozy Altidore

NYCFC? Red Bulls? Cosmos? Something is cooking....

8. Brad Davis

United States national team supporters showed up en masse today.

7. Tim Howard

Making the first of many appearances on Tweets of the Week.

6. Herculez Gomez

Nailed it again.

5. Clint Dempsey

Snoop showing some love for the USMNT!

4. Duane Holmes

Can you count all of the Britishisms in this Tweet?

3. Stuart Holden

Nothing even to be sorry about , Dos a Cero will forever be glorious.

2. Aron Johannsson

Timestamp on this Tweet was right after he scored on Tuesday; looks like Aron has mastered time and space. But can he get into the Starting XI?

1. Mike Magee

Another week, another really easy pick for No. 1 Tweet of the Week.

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