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One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Trash, trash can, trash can, statue! Rapid Vienna's Terrence Boyd might've just been walking by some bins, when oh look there's a random statue in a hole in the wall. You stay classy, Austria.
BY Jasper Wilson Posted
May 12, 2013
7:04 PM
5. Herculez Gomez—"Look at these two "G's". #ElBogote #Cepillo #Santos"

4. Geoff Cameron—"Damn parking tickets! Even when you paid they try and get you! brekshea20"

3. Sean Franklin—"Must bring a good read for the road trip. First stop... Vancouver #Common #OneDayItWillAllMakeSense"

2. Omar Gonzalez—"Awesome sunset tonight!"

1. Terrence Boyd—"#hiddenart"

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