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ASN Morning Read: Game on in Cyprus! Again!

Wednesday's friendly against the Ukraine will go on as planned; Stuart Holden has an ugly setback in his return; The new uniforms are very white; A peek behind-the-scenes with the 1994 team.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
March 04, 2014
8:48 AM
  • After understandably much consternation and reports that Wednesday’s friendly against the Ukraine would be cancelled, U.S. Soccer confirmed Monday night that the game will indeed be played. To Cyprus!

  • Stuart Holden suffered more heartbreak in his first game since the Gold Cup final. Playing with Bolton’s U-21s, he collapsed to the ground, clutching his right knee after just 23 minutes. He was able to get back up and jog off, so hopefully that’s a good sign. Plenty of photos on The Lion of Vienna Suite’s Facebook.

  • The new home kits were finally revealed Monday morning. We’ll refrain from editorializing. Clint Dempsey said the team will be “hard to miss” in the all-white look. Nike has a full photo set and more info.

  • Roger Bennett kicked off a four-part oral history of the 1994 World Cup, with American players preparing to represent their country on home soil. Said Alexi Lalas: “We had to change outside a Wiener Schnitzel place at a shopping mall and run across a freeway to get to the training field. One out-of-control Mack truck could have wiped out an entire generation of U.S. soccer talent.” Read it.

  • Bob Bradley, y'all:

  • The Americans’ German contingency is having some quality bro time:
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