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Morning Read: The Deuce Is Loose. Beckham Is Too.

Clint Dempsey finally finds a spot where he feels comfortable at Tottenham (hint: on the field); Tim Howard needs someone to battle with; a retrospective of MLS's Golden Boy.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 27, 2012
4:42 AM
  • Full steam ahead on the Clint Dempsey takes over Tottenham train. "I’ve been frustrated with not getting on the ball, being in the game or affecting games, but I think I’m now starting to do a better job," he said after his best showing of the season in a 3-1 victory over West Ham. The Sun, meanwhile, credits his success to a video-watching session with Andre Villas-Boas. But here's the thing about Dempsey that AVB is starting to figure out: It doesn't matter where you put him on the field. He just produces. Get the man a spot in the Starting XI and watch him make you look like a genius. This coaching thing is easy, right?

  • There's this strange thing happening at Everton where David Moyes wants to get Tim Howard some competition. I understand the philosophy in that you always want your players competing, but does it make sense for Everton to spend its limited resources bringing in a guy who will push one of the best netminders in the world. Nope. Maybe this coaching thing isn't so simple after all.

  • Grant Wahl hears that Bill Peterson is set to be the new commissioner of the NASL. That's notable because he was formerly the president of NFL Europe. MLS comish Don Garber also came from the NFL.

  • So... Brazil sounds like kind of a disaster: "It's raining in Rio which means that transportation has come to a standstill, except for the public buses which continue to kill people at an alarming rate. The opposite problem is happening to the ferries which cannot get away from the docks because there is so much trash in the bay that their motors are getting clogged. That, however, is better than taking a car, because there is always the chance that a roving mob will stop traffic and assault everyone, or if you`re driving on Avenida Brasil where if you are not swerving to avoid the crack addicts pushed out of the newly-occupied favelas, you might find yourself having to go backwards to avoid a gunfight." Can't wait for 2014! (h/t LeanderOnFox, who smartly points out they said the same thing before South Africa.)

  • And finally, because why the heck not, here's a video of David Beckham's 2012 highlights from our good friends at KickTV:

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