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Mix, Jurgen, Maurice, Stu & Jermaine Tweet It Out

Another week, another busy Twitter interval for U.S. national teamers. From Jermaine Jones' husband-and-wife pose to Mix Diskerud's Chalupa dreams, there's something for everyone in this edition.
BY Justin Churchill Posted
February 24, 2014
1:25 PM

10. Sasha Kljestan

Apparently Fallon is big in Belgium—like mayonnaise on french fries.

9. Jermaine Jones

The wife-praise social post—never a bad idea.

8. Andrew Farrell

It's like the day Mom and Dad take away your Teddy Bear....

7. Geoff Cameron

Pretty sure Manchester > Massachusetts weather-wise right now.

6. Stuart Holden

Stu reaches out to a guy who eats a lot of stew.

5. Mix Diskerud

Or: Sign with MLS, move to SoCal, and try some real Mexican food.

4. Jay DeMerit

Where was this support for the Finland debacle?

3. Will Packwood

Olympics-bound in 2016?

2. Jurgen Klinsmann

And yet soccer still doesn't get any play on SportsCenter. Someday....

1. Maurice Edu

Mo is frontrunner for 2014 MLS Twitter MVP. Any challengers out there?

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