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Mix Diskerud Makes a Large, Scary Aquaintance

The United States national team midfielder finds a friend at the aquarium; Jay DeMerit musses on post-op problems; Geoff Cameron risks life and limb by getting into Brek Shea's whip.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
March 09, 2013
10:07 AM
10. Herculez Gomez: It was so endearing when we were in junior high…

9. DaMarcus Beasley: Even Comcast wouldn’t do that…

8. Alejandro Bedoya: I just tried tying my shoes without using my thumb and was ultimately unsuccessful

7. Terrence Boyd: If anybody has ever successfully taken a power nap, please shoot some advice to Terrence (and CC me)

6. Brek Shea: This seems like Brek’s Hail Mary attempt to get with Taylor Swift, and we completely approve

5. Mix Diskerud: The kid is a master of opportunistic photos

4. Juan Agudelo: Hey man, if there’s nothing else to do…

3. Eddie Johnson: This is in fact, the American dream

2. Jay DeMerit: The whole endeavor really should have been live-tweeted

1. Geoff Cameron: People of Staffordshire, beware!

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