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Godfrey's Daily Rant

Media Alert! Geoff Cameron Not Talking to the Press!

There's nothing to see here, folks. Move along. The show's over. Everybody just go about their business. And for heaven's sake, please don't bother Geoff Cameron.
BY John Godfrey Posted
September 05, 2013
2:22 PM
I'M NOT SURE this qualifies as a rant. It’s more like a bemused observation. Or a partial bemused observation.

Apparently, Geoff Cameron is no longer talking to the press. Did you notice? I didn't notice. And it's sort of my job to notice.

American Soccer Now Deputy Editor Noah Davis is in Costa Rica covering the U.S. national team, and he said that a few journalists noticed—albeit only slightly:

"There was some mild grumbling in the media and some general sighs of mild discontent," Davis told me this morning, but it's not like Cameron is the focal point of the team.

After all...

  • There's a 12-game winning streak to defend!

  • Landon Donovan is back!

  • Aron Johannsson and John Brooks are here!

  • Eddie Johnson could say or do anything, anytime!

  • And Jozy Altidore wore sneakers to practice yesterday!

    I don't mind if a guy wants to take a break from the press, and I don't even think Cameron needs to justify doing so. Maybe he got burned by some Fleet Street sharks over in England. Maybe he's just sick of answering the same old questions from the same old writers—I'm including myself here—time and time again.

    I doubt anyone was up in arms about Cameron's decision. And then someone who works for U.S. Soccer tweeted about Cameron's decision to not talk to the press—defending it and effectively broadcasting it at the same time.

    The upshot: If we didn't know about it before, we sure know about it now!

    In a previous draft of this column you now hold in your hands, I crafted a long(winded) exploration of why this was a curious course of action, and I rambled about a variety of barely related topics along the way. Peter Gammons' name came up. It was all over the place

    Hey—it's Godfrey's Daily Rant. That's how it works.

    But after I read my own article I realized it may have been a bit mean. OK, extremely mean. So I opted not to run it. Instead, we'll just allude to the awkward Geoff Cameron SilenceGate right here and right now, and be done with it.

    (That said, if you see me sitting alone in the corner of an American Outlaws party at some future date, I will be happy to elaborate on the subject.)

    For now, however, I'm going to back away from my MacBook and start thinking about tomorrow's rant.

    John Godfrey is the founder and editor in chief of American Soccer Now.
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