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World Cup Fantasy Game

Looking to Add Excitement to Every World Cup Game?

ASN is partnering with DraftStreet to help make every game of the 2014 World Cup as exciting as, say, U.S. vs. Ghana. Discover how to play fantasy World Cup-style, and win money along the way.
BY Staff Posted
June 12, 2014
5:01 PM
KEEPING TRACK OF FANTASY SPORTS can be a time-consuming task, but luckily the crew at DraftStreet are here to help.

You won’t be working during the World Cup anyway, and each of these World Cup games are one-day contests. You play Friday, you win some cash, then go away for a weekend trip? No worries. You can jump right back in Monday in time to predict that Mix Diskerud will score five goals for the United States against Ghana on Monday.

To prevent you from making ridiculous predictions—like the one above—American Soccer Now will provide a few helpful tips along the way. Best of all, you stand to win real money. There are two different games on offer from DraftStreet during the World Cup, and both are pretty simple.

  • The first, a Salary Cap game, lets you field a 2-2-2 and a flex outfield player, plus a keeper without spending more than (virtual) $100,000.

  • The second game, a Pick 'em game, does all the work for you and develops eight tiers of various players. You pick one at each level, and next thing you know you’ve got a rooting interest in each World Cup contest. (Yes, even that Algeria - Korea Republic match you were probably going to skip.)

    For Friday's games, consider the $2 entry fee game with a $2,000 prize pool featuring:
  • Top 150 paid
  • 1st place wins $320
  • Salary cap-style draft, $100,000 budget
  • First-time depositors at DraftStreet receive a 100% bonus up to $200

    Money-Making Strategies

    Like most fantasy games, having players who score is the strongest strategy. Goalkeepers get points for wins and saves, plus a bonus for stopping a penalty or keeping a clean sheet. Defenders also get credit when their side gets a clean sheet, but all players lose points for committing fouls or being sent off.

    So your ideal player is a disciplined defender who heads in set pieces or gets forward on the flanks to contribute to the attack (Fabian Johnson, anyone?). If his side keeps a clean sheet, all the better.

    Friday brings a pretty full slate of games with the tasty Spain-Netherlands match on display, plus Mexico against Cameroon and Chile facing Australia.

    Profitable Player Picks

    One big key, obviously, is picking players who are actually going to play. Mexico coach Miguel Herrera is set to pre-announce his starting XI, so if Guillermo Ochoa gets the nod in goal and Chicharito sits on the bench, there’s obviously no need to splash cash on Jesus Corona and the Manchester United man will be a risk. For some of the other teams— whose managers might not be so forthcoming—you can glance at the pre-tournament friendlies.

    Also, beware also injury risks. Chile star Arturo Vidal commands a large fee in the fantasy game—and rightfully so—but he might not play in Friday’s match because of a knee injury. Teammate Gary Medel, a defender with a nose for goal, might be a better option, though you’ll probably lose a few points for fouls, as the pit bull is known for his aggression.

    Robin van Persie is the highest priced player for Friday, and you can still put together a quality team with the Dutch international. He scored in two of the three build-up matches, but Spain’s defense will present a more formidable task.

    The tiered game is even easier—and perhaps allows for a little more forgiveness if you want to roll the dice with Vidal or if you think Tim Cahill is far superior to his fellow tiermates.

    Whoever you like, get in there and start to mix it up. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the (signifcant) rewards.
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